If you thought this photo of an Eastern Montana rancher feeding cows with his Montana State Bobcats flag was great, wait till you see this rendition:

I personally still think the original photo is still the best, but I like the Frisco, Texas edition with the "Storm's Comin' to Texas" graphic included. The Montana State Bobcat football team is, of course, already on the ground in Frisco, Texas as they gear up for Saturday's FCS national championship game against North Dakota State University.

The above photo got a lot of shares from some prominent Montanans, including Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT):

Choteau, Montana native, and rodeo entertainment great Flint Rasmussen also shared the photo on his official Facebook page, adding:

I have stolen this picture from Whitney Klasna, who posts about ranching out in Northeast Montana. THIS is what ranching here looks like! -40 wind chills and cows to feed! Every Day! And they wish they could get away to go cheer on the Bobcats in Texas.
And I am sure my friends who are North Dakota State fans can sure relate!
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Whitney Klasna added this note when she tweeted out the photo:
Go Bobcats!! Beat the Bison! We’ll be feeding cows and cheering loud for our Montana State Bobcats on Saturday during the FCS Championship game!
By the way, if you're looking to watch the big game on Saturday- there are now watch parties in at least 15 other states, and across Montana. Click here for more details.

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