Climate change. Climate change. Yep, everything bad that happens is due to climate's become the "my dog ate my homework" excuse for everyone on the Left, as one commenter once told me.

Just blame everything bad that happens on climate change.

We've certainly had our share of devastating news here in Montana- including late season fires followed by slick snowy roads just days later. And it is crazy when you go from temperatures in the upper 60's in December, only to drop back down to single digits just days later. But Montana weather has always been whacky.

Kristen Inbody has always been a good writer to follow. She used to work for the Great Falls Tribune and shared this historical tidbit from December 14th, 1924.

The temp in Fairfield, #Montana dropped 84 degrees in 12 hours (63° to -21°). *Greatest* 12-hour temp change in the country. Loma holds the 24-hour record with a 103° swing. Today, snow in the forecast and also 50° so always something interesting with #MTwx

Ain't that the truth. But, of course, if we get a very warm day like that in December of 2021- the Left wants to blame climate change. As if the coal-fired power plant in Colstrip, Montana was to blame for the 1924 temperature swing.

Another interesting historical tidbit came earlier this month when it reached almost 69 degrees in Billings, Montana on December 2nd. Billings has seen 60 degree temps in December before: twice in 1939, once in 1957, and once more in 1980, according to the National Weather Service.



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