Ahhh 2022. A year past the peak of COVID-19, we're all either vaxxed or over it, and most have moved on. One problem remains, which is the price of ingredients for local businesses.

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I'm Not Lovin' It

The thing is, from the Mom & Pop shops to mega-corporation McDonalds, the price for ingredients have skyrocketed causing enormous inflation, which is passed down to us, the customer.

What about Bagels?

Recently on our app, Lori here in Billings sent in the following:

An example of, a somewhat, hidden inflation impact. Great American Bagel, here in Billings, is not making their 7 grain bagels because the grains are costing too much. How many other businesses have had to change their menus, product catalog, etc. because of this government-caused inflation?

Of course, I had to find out for myself on this Bagelgate. And after a quick call to Great American Bagel off 24th St, here's what I was told.

Dharma, Manager - Great American Bagel

According to Dharma, Manager at GAM on 24th, Flour, and many core items have gone up through their suppliers. Even grains, which GAM uses a unique 7-grain blend for their now-discontinued 7-Grain Bagels, became over-inflated in price and simply hard to find. GAM has been forced to raise its pricing by at least $1 across the menu board.

Sourdough Bagel, Downtown Billings

I'll admit, they may have just been having a bad day. But when I called to speak with someone of knowledge on their ingredients pricing and if inflation had affected them, I was met with a sour (no pun intended) response of "They're probably just trying to sabotage us", as I brought up GAM and why we are writing this story. By no means sabotage, purely a desire for insight on how badly this hurts local business. After pushing a bit harder, I was told their big strains are Cream Cheese and Meats, but Sourdough has elected to NOT raise prices... at least not yet.

The long and the short of it

When it all boils down, this inflation IS affecting us in many ways. From daily life necessities to luxuries and travel, it hurts OUR pockets. But, we've got this, and in the long run, everything will even back out. Just remember to keep a level head... as everyone is experiencing the same issues (unless you are a Million/Billionaire like some politicians)

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