When I was a kid, and the last day of school rolled around I would go collect all the paper my classmates tossed on the ground, and put it in the recycling bins.  

I was THAT tree hugger. And I still am.  

When I moved to Billings in August, I was extremely shocked that recycling doesn’t get picked up at my house.

In fact, we put all our cans and plastic in the green pick-up bin only to find out that it is for yard waste. OOPSIES. 

I started looking up recycling plants here in Billings and there’s only a few to choose from. But here’s the reality, many people recycle the wrong way.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Here's how to recycle correctly:

First, you have to clean out the receptacle. For example, you can’t just throw an empty can of black beans. All the food residue must be washed off.  

Second, you have to sort all the recycle. Aluminum cans in one bin, paper in one bin, and plastic in one bin.  

Last, you have to drive it to the recycle center.

Yes, this seems like a bit much, but it is the reality of recycling. And my question is why...? You might be thinking “Go back to Colorado if you don’t like it... blah blah blah.”  

But that won’t help this massive problem with single-use plastic and aluminum.  

One study said we could wrap single-use plastic water bottles around the world almost five times. THAT’S TONS OF PLASTIC.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I wish they would add jobs in Billings and Montana state-wide regarding this horrible earth-littering problem.  

Recycling truck jobs could easily boost this economy. It could help not fill landfills with plastic and aluminum that takes hundreds of years to break down completely.

We have to think about our future generations and do what we can. It’s a small price to pay now to save earth for generations to come.  

All I ask is for people to advocate for our Mother Earth. Try your best to get a reusable water bottle, take your recycle to the Pacific Recycling, or Earth First Aid.

We can be the change together Billings! I know you love your state, so let's keep it green.

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