We shared an image that referenced the "Granddaddy of White Claw" and that post got your attention. One thing I am curious about is... what ones bring back memories for you, and why?


The originals

As a kid, my family truly did not drink that much. Every so often I'd catch my dad enjoying his favorite drink at the Cellar Casino in Miles City, but that was not a wine cooler. My memories of them are from the early 90s when I'd find my mother enjoying one of them (again, not often, but now and again). Bartles and Jaymes was the brand, and they came in a wide assortment of flavors.

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The evolution

At some point in the mid-2000s, I recall a big switch. Everyone went from the wine coolers to Mike's Hard Lemonades. Back when I ran a nightclub in Miles City for a few years, those were 100% THE drink to get. A decent amount of flavor choices, and a pretty cheap drink for a fun night out.

Modern Day

These days, you don't see Mike's Hard Lemonade much anymore. They have a ton of options, according to their website, but anybody out on the town usually chooses a mixed drink... or a hard seltzer (IE White Claw). Why? I'm not honestly too sure. I remember that White Claw is low on calories, which may have been the reasoning for it, but at least for me... carbonation simply isn't the choice when out on the town.

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Overall, it's all the same at its core. A flavored alcoholic beverage, for those who prefer something more... (for lack of better wording) fruity. Besides, it's all gonna get you drunk after a few too many.

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