A child rapist sentenced to probation. How in the world did this happen in America? How in the world did this happen in Lewistown, Montana of all places?

In a recent "Montana Values" podcast, former Kalispell Mayor Tammi Fisher looks at "the real victims of the criminal justice system" in the center of Montana- Lewistown. Lewistown is a town where "everyone knows everyone," as Fisher opens up the podcast.

Fisher notes that no town in Montana is immune to the ravages child sexual abuse, "and Lewistown has been embroiled in a highly emotional and twisted child sex abuse case for over 6 years." She says the whole town was witness to the devastation that one child sex abuse case can have on an entire community.

Coming up on Thursday's Montana Talks statewide radio show, we're going to talk with Tammi Fisher about her podcast, and about this case. How does a man who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 5 year old get released back into the community with probation? Wasn't this judge supposed to be a strong on crime judge? And, just look at the creepy smile of the abuser, Jason Terronez, in the booking photo in the video below. How in the world did this happen- especially in Lewistown, Montana?



We'll talk with Tammi Fisher around 940 a.m. Thursday. Click here for the full station listing.

Here's the full "Montana Values" podcast:

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