Oh boy. Another day, another group of real-life KARENS rearing their ugly attitudes! This time, I received an anonymous tip about this story in the Heights on the Steady Grinding Bikini Baristas. Turns out, there are a few people who dislike this small business, and are going out of their way to try and shut them down.

What's the scoop?

As you may remember back in July, Michael Foth over at 103.7 The Hawk wrote about the Bikini Baristas (See the button below for his story) and how this new Coffee Shop in the Heights was getting a lot of traction.

Since then, the business has been booming, and the overall response has been great. Though, behind the scenes, some Heights members are very much against this local business. Recently, they have reported Steady Grinding Bikini Baristas to the Yellowstone County Health Department for violations. Surprise, surprise, not a violation in sight.

From my sources (who will remain anonymous)

It pays to know people here in Billings. After reaching out, I've learned a few things about this issue. First, the only reason Steady Grinding was reported to the YCHD was that these Karens in the Heights do not feel this business is family-friendly. They simply do NOT want it in their quaint little suburb of Billings. (Although, I bet they would have zero issues with a Bikini Carwash) In my digging around and investigating, I've learned exactly who reported them...

The Heights Haters

Who are the haters? Again, thanks to my anonymous sources, I've been informed the biggest offender is the Heights Community Task Force. Who are these people? According to their official city site:

The Purpose of this task force shall be to improve the quality of life and promote community spirit through the improvement of the Heights area, the planning of new developments, the upgrading of housing and streets, and the development of public infrastructure and facilities.

Sure, makes sense to me. They also claim to provide a forum for local concerns and issues and were created in the early 90s.

Who is the other Karen of the Heights? Well, as they are a local business, I will not name them directly. But, let's just say they sell insurance. But it seems they have ganged up with the Heights Community Task Force to try and shut down this business.

Social Reactions So Far

This morning on Montana Talks, Aaron Flint brought up the topic and tweeted it out:

Not sure if you can tell, but Aaron and I are on the same wavelength about this hoopla. Aaron went as far as to joke about it on the show this morning:  

  via GIPHY

My favorite part is learning Aaron can do a pretty decent Kermit. 

What's your take on the Heights Haters?

Personally, I think these people should be grateful to have a local business that wants to BETTER the community. It isn't another bar or casino, it is a unique take on coffee! If you are so worried about your community, or kids, maybe aim your anger at the devices you've put in your children's hands. Pretty sure Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and more offer far WORSE than some girls serving coffee in bikinis.

Let me know your thoughts via our apps. I'd love to hear back!

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