Today, the City of Billings Public Works Department announced traffic on 24th St W and Rosebud Drive will begin experiencing delays Monday, August 8th through Friday, August 12th.

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What work is being done?

The Public Works Department will be ripping up the road in order to provide water services to the incoming Chick-Fil-A location in the parking lot south of Planet Fitness, at the corner of 24th St W and Rosebud Drive.

How long is this expected to take?

Unfortunately, this kind of work is expected to last all next week. Starting Monday, August 8th, and running through Friday, August 12th.

Suggested detours?

At this time, the City of Billings has not suggested any alternate routes specifically, however they do request you "take the scenic route". Which, would involve neighborhoods on S 20th St W, Monad Road, and S 29th St West to avoid the stretch of 24th St W that will be ripped up.

My opinion?

My opinion, whether you'd like to hear it or not, is simple. Avoid going to that area for a few days, unless necessary. Sure, if you NEED to go workout, you can... or go to Planet Fitness in the heights for a few days. Need Walmart? Swing by the heights. City Brew Coffee? Drive a few blocks and find another one or Starbucks. (They are as plentiful as bars, it seems)

Even our Digital Managing Editor, Rachel, has complained about this. She likes that particular Planet Fitness, and having to contend with Chick-Fil-A patrons for parking/access is going to be a nightmare. Let alone just trying to get there during the construction.

Overall, this is simply a pain for a few days. Alternate options are always available! Though, if you work in that area, I feel sorry for you. It's already a mess, and this just adds to the chaos.

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