Look out Washington, DC- the mama bears are coming. The Moms for America are taking part in the "Convoy to DC" with their own specially designed semi-truck, and Montana mom Jenna McKinney says she is rolling with them.

McKinney is the founding member of the Montana chapter of Moms for America, which has been standing up for kids and parents in the wake of the harmful school COVID restrictions and mandates across the US. She is joining Rebekah Ricks with the Florida chapter to spearhead Moms for America "Trucking for Freedom." They even have a mom truck driver.

She tells me the group will also be hosting a press conference at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

We were also able to link up with a Montana woman by the name of Maureen Steele who is one of the main organizers for the Convoy to DC. She called in to Tuesday's Montana Talks statewide radio show with Aaron Flint to give out the latest details.

Maureen Steele: Some of the lead truckers are on our way right now down to Adelanto Stadium in California, in the Barstow area, and we're going to be setting up. Some truckers started rolling in last night, actually. But at noon time today we'll be prepping to go and we roll out tomorrow at 11am.

Steele says the People's Convoy is the official convoy that has been endorsed by several of the key players. Listen to her full phone call below:

More details can be found at ThePeoplesConvoy.org.


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