We got the latest details on the "Convoy to DC" and how Montanans can take part in their freedom convoy to our nation's capital. Plus, we talked about the importance of holding school officials accountable and the latest news regarding the lawsuit against school mask mandates in Montana.

Jenna McKinney joined us on the radio Tuesday morning. She is a part of an informal group of parents called the Montana Family Rights Alliance which first began organizing in order to allow parents to attend their kids' sporting events. She also is a founding member of the Moms for America chapter in Montana.

First, when it comes to the "Convoy to DC," McKinney says the freedom convoy will get up and rolling even earlier than anticipated:

Jenna McKinney: We are working closely with the guys who are spearheading it, and they're moving up the timeline. It's just- there's such a heavy push to get this rolling. We're watching Canada, we're watching the momentum, and we want to support them. So it's coming soon.

In fact, Brian Brase with the Convoy to DC tells Newsmax TV that the convoy will get up and rolling starting February 23rd.

We got to catch up with Brase on the radio in Montana earlier this month.

Jenna McKinney also encouraged Montanans to throw their support behind the lawsuit against the school mask mandate policy in the Billings schools. She said she, even though she is a hardworking single mom, is donating $500 to help the Make Masking Optional group with their legal fees. She is encouraging others to help out as well.  Click here to donate.

Jenna McKinney: I want to encourage everybody to support. It's for our children. We want the system to work. Abuse of power is a real problem. Everything from the federal level down to the local level, and that's what they're fighting. They're fighting this local abuse of power...with the school board handing over the decision making power to the superintendent who's basically not listening to them.

Click below for the full audio of Jenna McKinney on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint.

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