She's known as "the mother of the People's Convoy," and she's from Condon, Montana.

Maureen Steele is on the right in the photo above. When the Freedom Convoys first started rolling in the US in support of our friends in Canada- Maureen was one of the main players getting everything rolling.

She spoke at Saturday's Montana Freedom Rally at the Capitol in Helena. Here's part two of our coverage.

Aaron Flint: "How do you go from living in Condon, Montana, to helping to lead this national movement?

Maureen Steele: I had heard about the the Freedom Convoy in Canada and what was going on. And so a week before that launched, they launched I think January 23rd. And a week before that, I was calling up there just to see what was going on. And I learned that it wasn't just a trucker strike, which is what some of the flyers were saying, that it was the whole country revolting, and that they were meeting on the province borders, and they were coming down to the national borders. And that's when I suggested that we organize in the states and we meet them at those borders. And it was really the first time in world history that two neighboring nations like that, the citizenries, joined forces to protest their respective governments- never happened before.

Her message at the weekend rally was simple:

Maureen Steele: We have to fight back and we have to join forces and we have to you unite as a people, a freedom loving people. If there's a hill to die on, freedom is it and if we don't have our freedom, we have nothing.

By the way, Maureen and Josh Yoder with a group called Freedom Flyers made a big announcement at Saturday's rally. They'll soon be launching their "We the People Accountability Tour" kicking off just before Memorial Day weekend. They're calling it the second leg of the Peoples Convoy. They'll start the tour in Montana and will travel through small towns all across middle America.

Full audio of our chat with Maureen Steele at the Montana Freedom Rally:


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