"It was colder than a well diggers ankles in Cut Bank, Montana." - Hank Williams, Jr.

It's not too often we take song requests on our statewide radio talk show. It is a talk show after all, we don't just play music for the full hour. But we had to start Wednesday's show with a special request from Joe Dooling in Helena, especially since Cut, Bank Montana recorded 52 degrees below zero on Tuesday.

Here you go. "Cut Bank Montana" by Hank Williams, Jr.

By the way, Cut Bank did it again on Wednesday morning. Jed Christoph with NBC Montana says Cut Bank clocked in at 55 below early Wednesday a.m. thanks to the wind chill. Here's what he shared via Twitter:

Unreal... The wind chill in Cut Bank this morning is 55 BELOW ZERO! That is VERY dangerous. Dillon in southwest Montana is frigid as well, -29° this morning. Bundle up, cover all areas of exposed skin.

Read the full lyrics of Hank Williams, Jr's song by clicking here. Here's the opening lines:

It was colder than a well digger's ankles in Cutbank, Montana.
But my heart was on fire as I saw her step down from the train.
I'd been up there forever, but her arms were finally around me.
All my icicles melted away at the sound of her name.


Miller Robson added this when it comes to Billings, Montana's forecast:

Billings has been below 0° for two consecutive days now. Last time that happened was back in February 2019. We won't get back above 0° until Sunday. Guh!

What song should we play on tomorrow's show?


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