You've probably heard me complain about property taxes in Montana before. My main gripes are that not everybody is helping pay for schools, law enforcement, and so forth... anybody who feels like voting gets to vote on my property taxes going up.

There may be a solution on the horizon. It's Constitutional Initiative-121. It would put a cap on the rate of property tax growth in Montana. Which isn't as good as stopping property tax increases on us altogether, but it at least caps how much they could go up each year.

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Another benefit of this initiative is that it rolls back property values to 2019 levels. This takes us back to right before property tax values rocketed up, due to COVID-19 and so many out-of-staters moving here and buying up a lot of the available homes.

While there will be fewer tax dollars coming in, this doesn't cut dollars that go to schools, law enforcement, and firefighters. It just reduces the rate of growth.

Our tax system in this state isn't fair. And I seriously doubt that we will ever implement a sales tax here unless we eliminate either the state income tax or property tax. Most of the politicians who we've talked to when they've been in on our show don't seem to think it's worth the fight to change our taxation system.

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And of course, those who aren't directly paying property taxes don't see any problem with the current system.

The stickler is that a judge in Helena has blocked the signature-gathering process for the moment. It appears to be a fight over not following the signature-gathering process. Along with the fact that lawyers sue each other for a living.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

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