If you're reading this, then you are probably as mad as I am over how over-taxed most of us are. I got my property tax statement last week. Woof. I'm glad that they finally have broken down all of the places my money will be going.

Between elementary, high school, vo-tech, university, school retirements, and all things educated related, I have money being taken from me and going to twenty-one different accounts. Twenty-one. Are you kidding me? I have no problem helping pay for schools and I believe every child is entitled to K-12 education. But why aren't more people helping pay the bills?

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As I looked further, I found that I am also paying for a museum that I've never set foot in. Along with a library, I haven't visited.

I don't mind what I pay for roads and bridges, but I thought I was already paying for those through the gasoline tax.

I'm proud to support my local volunteer fire department through my taxes, in addition to what I else I do.

I'm not sure where my dollars are taken for mental health, but I could suggest a few folks they could talk to. Many of my ex-girlfriends need your services.

I'm contributing to both Metra Park and the dump.

One of the problems is that too much of the bills are paid by the property owners. And everybody gets to vote on whether my taxes go up or not. I wish we could fix this flaw in our system.

We will never add a sales tax because voters won't approve an additional tax. The argument I've always heard is that they would freeze property taxes when they add the sales tax. But we've been lied to by our government before.

So, if you also are paying, I feel for you. If not, you're welcome.

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