As I pointed out in an article I wrote yesterday, we do not currently have a "President Elect." At the time that I am writing this article, not one state has yet to certify their election results.

So is there anything that could change the results we currently see before us?

Yes. It is a slim possibility but it is there.

1). Georgia is the first state to hold a full recount. Other states will soon follow if they intend to comply with their own laws, which orders the recount to happen when the results are within a very slim margin.

2). While it is true there is not, "wide spread voter fraud," voter fraud did occur, as some does in every election, and is being investigated at the federal and at the local level. There are also alleged cases of what is being called "misconduct" by election officials. Yes, the dead did vote in this election. But then, the dead vote in every election. The question is - did enough dead vote to change the results?

3). States such as Nevada did not follow their own election laws when counting mail-in ballots. It is alleged that many ballots were counted that did not have signatures, proper address, no post mark, or came from people who were no longer residents of that state.

Lawsuits have been filed, and not just by the Trump campaign. Attorney Generals from ten states so far plan to take their case to the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to force all states to adhere and comply to their own election laws.

"Wide Spread Voter Fraud" is not necessary to change the results. All that is needed is a few cases in those states where Mr. Biden won by a hair. That would be enough to change the electoral map.

Here is what we do know for sure: About half of the American people are questioning the honestly and integrity of this election. They are wondering if this nation is capable of holding fair elections anymore. No matter what the outcome, as a nation, we should take our time to make sure the process was one that the American people can trust.

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