Whether it is state wrestling tournaments, MontanaFair, a Garth Brooks concert, or some great rodeo action in Billings- for 40 years there has been one man who has been there for it all: Bill Dutcher. What a great guy.

Later this year Dutcher will be stepping down and retiring as the head of the Metra in Billings. People travel all over the state and the region to attend events at the Metra. Bill Dutcher has brought the friendliness, the excitement, and the passion for these events that Montanans have come to expect at the Metra.

In case you missed the cool news, Bill Dutcher is now an official hall of famer. Last week the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs (RMAF) brought their regional convention to Montana. Fair managers from all across Montana were in attendance for the event as well. That's where Dutcher, a former RMAF President, was named to the Hall of Fame.

Evelyn Pyburn shared the news in the Big Sky Business Journal Hotsheet:

The Rocky Mountain Hall of Fame has inducted Metra Park Manager Bill Dutcher into its Hall of Fame. The organizations, which serves event centers and fairs in the western US, held their annual convention in Billings last week. Dutcher has worked at Metra Park for 40 years and will be retiring at the end of this year.


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