This scene sound familiar? You return to your car in a parking lot and find a massive truck parked quite close to the driver’s side, so close that you can only open the car door a bit. With the thickness of the door, only a narrow space is available to worm the body into the driver’s seat.

I had a similar experience just the other day. Our engineer looked for someone skinny to get behind a cabinet panel, and I was qualified. Despite my age, I snaked myself into a cramped, awkward (and dusty) space just to disconnect a monitor cable from some electronic box. I then had to negotiate my body free from cubbyhole. Luckily I didn’t pull some wiring apart and knocked the radio station off the air. I told the engineer my mother could probably make the same maneuver, and she is 30 years my senior!

Little spaces like these are a good reason for Billings Last Diet. You never know when circumstances challenge your body and health to fold and twist yourself into tight spaces, such as the very back of the lowest shelf of the kitchen cabinets. When you can move into such confinement, then you could say you are in good shape.

Because someday you may need to do just that.

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