Maybe it's the hairstyle.  Maybe they are twins, separated at birth, just like in stories.

If Aaron Flint wants a side hustle during the 2024 Senatorial race, he could be candidate Tim Sheehy's stunt double.  Can you imagine the political ads?  Zooming down the road on a bullet bike, whitewater rafting, free solo rock climbing.  That would attract the votes.

That wasn't Aaron Flint in the F-18, soaring with the Navy's Blue Angels!  That was Tim Sheehy, your upcoming Senator from Montana!  Vote for Sheehy and Enjoy the Ride!

The Similarities along with the Resemblance are Uncanny.

Both men are military Veterans: Tim a Navy SEAL; Aaron an Army officer.

Both are ruggedly handsome.  Built like brick houses.

Sorry to all the single women out there.  Both are married with children.

Both fiercely Conservative and Republican.

Both support Trump.  One has the endorsement from Trump.

Both uphold free market Capitalism.

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Aaron Flint a Double for Sheehy - 1
Is this Mr. Sheehy, or Mr. Flint? ...I can't tell... Credit: Canva

When I joked with Aaron about him being a stunt double for Tim Sheehy, he joked: "Maybe I could pass for being a nerdy older brother or something. There's a lot of us Scandinavians here in Montana, that's for sure.  One of the liberals on Twitter shared a photo of me, Tim Sheehy, and the Frontier Institute's Kendall Cotton (all 3 blonde haired Scandinavians) and asked, 'what are they growing all these blockheads in a lab here in Montana or something?' Hilarious. And- Go Army!"

When Tim Sheehy is Elected to Senate...

Aaron may have a second career as a body double.  He can sit in for Sen. Sheehy in the boring committee hearings and just nod and look interested.  With a little voice training, Aaron can have a few minutes to grill some official like a cheese sandwich.  With some funny lines from Aaron on record, Mr. Sheehy could become the protege to Sen. John Kennedy.

During the State of the Union, if the President is a Democrat, Sen. Sheehy can bow out to fly planes or work on the ranch and Aaron can sit in his place.  Of course, Aaron would have to contain himself from yelling "That's a Lie!" or "You're Insane!"  Sen. Sheehy may get more attention than he bargained for.

How do you tell them apart?

The SEAL pin is a dead giveaway.  Aaron won't wear stolen valor.

If Sheehy says "Go Army" during football season, that's not Sheehy.

At a social gathering, if Aaron seems unusually quiet, that's not Aaron.

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