Hundreds of cars drove through downtown Bozeman on Friday to show their support for the men and women in law enforcement, as KBZK-TV reports.

As we reported last week, the Gallatin County Republicans and the Gallatin County Republican Women planned the event "to come together as a community to show love and support for our local men and women in law enforcement."

KBZK reports that at least one woman was moved to tears by the strong show of support for law enforcement. Another young woman, whose stepdad served in law enforcement, added:

 "Our country would be absolutely nowhere without our law enforcement and I'm out here to support them today. This is so amazing to see people supporting the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every single day and do so much for us.”

***Note: For a great compilation of photos from the "Defend the Police" rally in Bozeman- click here to check out Ally Hart's piece on our Montana Talks website.


As you can see in the video above, a small group of BLM protesters with ACAB signs also showed up to protest the "Defend the Police" rally. If you want to know just how radical and bigoted these BLM protesters are, the acronym ACAB stands for "All Cops Are Bad."

Credit KBZK YouTube Video screenshot.
Credit KBZK YouTube Video screenshot.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle coverage also had pictures of at least two ACAB signs among the counter protesters. The Chronicle also noted:

Cars decorated with “Trump” and “Defend the Police” regalia filled Main Street in Bozeman Friday night, bringing traffic to a near standstill as a group of counter protesters with signs like “Blue lives don’t exist” chanted “You look stupid” at the entourage of at least 100 cars.

I'm sure the largely young, liberal activists with their ACAB signs think they are the "woke," open-minded, tolerant ones as they flash signs saying that an entire group of people is bad. I got news for you kids: you're the bigots.

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