We said hello to our brand new statewide radio show- Montana Talks. We said goodbye to a natural entertainer- our friend Dominick in the Mornings in Bozeman. The Montana kids were two wins away from the Little League World Series. Sheriff David Clarke joined us live in studio. President Trump made an unprecedented number of visits to the Treasure State. And, what about that crazy "wolf-like animal" killed near Denton, Montana?

Here's a list of my top blog posts of 2018:

  1. SECRET SERVICE RECORDS DISCREDIT JON TESTER’S CLAIMShttp://newstalk955.com/breaking-secret-service-records-discredit-jon-testers-claims/
  2. BREAKING: CROW TRIBAL CHAIRMAN ENDORSES ROSENDALE FOR SENATEhttp://newstalk955.com/breaking-crow-tribal-chairman-endorses-rosendale-for-senate/
  3. SHERIFF CLARKE PUNCHES BACK AT THE GAZETTEhttp://newstalk955.com/sheriff-clarke-punches-back-at-the-gazette/
  4. WHOOPS: CHECK THE FINE PRINT IN FEINSTEIN’S BORDER BILL: http://newstalk955.com/whoops-check-the-fine-print-in-feinsteins-border-bill/

  5. ‘WOLF-LIKE ANIMAL’ DISCOVERED IN CENTRAL MONTANA, FWP TESTING DNA: http://newstalk955.com/kxlo-wolf-like-animal-killed-near-denton/

  6. TESTER VOTES FOR SANCTUARY CITIES: http://newstalk955.com/tester-votes-for-sanctuary-cities/

  7. MONTANA TWO WINS AWAY FROM LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES: http://newstalk955.com/montana-two-wins-away-from-little-league-world-series/

  8. AARON FLINT HOSTING BRAND NEW “MONTANA TALKS” RADIO SHOW: http://newstalk955.com/aaron-flint-hosting-brand-new-montana-talks-radio-show/

  9. LISTENERS MOURN LOSS OF ‘DOMINICK’ IN BOZEMAN: http://newstalk955.com/listeners-mourn-loss-of-dominick-in-bozeman/

  10. CLICK HERE: TICKET INFO FOR TRUMP RALLY IN MISSOULA: http://newstalk955.com/click-here-ticket-info-for-trump-rally-in-missoula/

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