In a piece of wonderful news, and a WIN for the consumers here in Montana, Fuel Fitness President Michael Burks has announced his resignation from Fuel Fitness.

You may remember last week when I reported on his 4-page rant fueled by who knows what. Mr. Burks was certainly a dangerous face to be on a company, and it seems he may have come to his senses.

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In a statement posted to all Fuel Fitness Facebook Pages, Fuel Fitness has appointed Chris Runyon as the new President and Director of Business Development.

Burks removed himself entirely from the Fuel Fitness executive team, according to the release.

Who is Chris Runyon?

According to Fuel Fitness, Mr. Runyon has over 15 years of fitness industry experience as a personal trainer and performance coach. He has owned and operated 24-hour fitness clubs since 2013, and was instrumental in the creation and development of one of the most successful and sought-after personal training businesses in the world.

My Take

I am glad Fuel Fitness is headed in this direction. Mr. Burks was a danger to their business and certainly did not care about his own customers or employees. If you need a refresher on why I say that, go back to the post above and read his 4 page-long rant and rave. You'll see exactly why.

As for now, it seems you can patronize Fuel Fitness without fear of a rogue CEO shuttering your local location at a moment's notice.

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