Politics and journalism aside, another issue bubbles underneath this story and others. Teachers should be held to higher standards. Whenever a teacher is busted for anything, especially wrong-doing with a student, there's this feeling of betrayal, like a sucker punch to the gut.

The same feeling comes when a member of the Military commits a crime. What happened to the higher standard?

Sports stars used to be held to a higher standard, but today we are no longer surprised.

The President of the United States should definitely be held to a higher standard. History teaches us the punches to that ideal. Our leaders should be held to a higher standard.

Doctors have a relentlessly high standard, with a malpractice industry-ready with a heavy hammer.

Lawyers' high standards expected? Okay, stop laughing, I'm serious.

Thinking about it, shouldn't that higher standard apply to other professions? Many professions? All professions and walks of life?

Shouldn't we ALL be held to a higher standard?


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