Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) said he will be supporting the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court. Jackson has been described as a "soft on crime" nominee to the Supreme Court by gun-rights expert John Lott, Jr- and not just for her weak sentences on child predators.

Lott now lives in Missoula, Montana and joined us recently on the radio to talk about his piece posted at When it came to the confirmation hearings Lott says Jackson has been "unusually evasive, even by the standards of these types of hearings for Supreme Court nominees."

He specifically pointed to her argument that online child pornographers should get weaker sentences because she argued that the Internet makes it easier to obtain large amounts of child pornography.

John Lott: Let's say, a criminal found an easier way of breaking into people's homes. Well, should we say then that they should face a lower penalty as a result of that? I assume most people would think that that was ridiculous. You don't base the criminal penalty on how easy or changes in how easy it is for criminals to go and commit a crime. They've usually in the past been based on the harm that's been caused.

Here's the full audio of our chat with John Lott, the President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, from March 25th.

By the way, John Lott also has another very interesting piece out when it comes to the 2020 elections. Check it out at Real Clear Politics.

As for Senator Tester supporting the nomination of Jackson, Montana GOP Chairman Don "K" had this response:

Don "K": Jon Tester's decision to support Joe Biden's radical Supreme Court nominee is as reckless, but unsurprising. Judge Jackson has a long and disturbing record that includes being lenient with child predators, defending terrorists in her private practice, and voting to strike down President Trump's executive orders that kept Americans safe. Jackson's confirmation hearing did nothing to ease those concerns and she even refused to answer the most basic questions – including being unwilling to define the word 'woman'. Judge Jackson has no business sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court and Senator Tester's support for her is just one more example of how he has left Montana behind for D.C. special interests."

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