In the classic movie "The Anchorman" Will Ferrell plays Ron Burgundy, the anchorman who will literally read anything on the teleprompter. In one of the more hilarious clips, Ron Burgundy basically tells his San Diego viewers to...well, you can see the clip for yourself below.

This is basically what the lockdowners and the Biden Administration are also telling the people of San Diego, as over 130,000 kids in San Diego have not been able to get in-person classroom instruction for the past year. Meanwhile, some of the same teachers  who aren't allowed to teach the kids of American citizens in San Diego will now be teaching illegal aliens in San Diego- in person. 

(*Language Alert)


That topic also got us into the discussion over some state and government officials trying to force Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine passport before traveling. I made the point that some of the same politicians who think requiring an ID in order to vote is somehow racist, are some of the same politicians who not only want to force you to get the vaccine, they want to force you to have to show an ID card proving you had the vaccine. So, showing an ID card before you vote is racist, but forcing vaccines and showing an ID before you travel is not racist?

We had some great phone calls Wednesday morning as callers across the state of Montana weighed in. Across the board our callers want Montana's governor and the Montana legislature to enact similar measures moving forward in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is working to block enforcement of any COVID passport requirements in the sunshine state.

I got a kick out of one of our callers. He said, maybe we should require people to show their COVID-19 vaccine passports before they can vote? Or at least allow that as one form of ID, I followed up. That would be the non-racist form of ID they could show!

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