Here we go again. Another liberal judge who was appointed to the bench by a Democrat governor undermining our election integrity laws at the last minute.

Judge Michael Moses is a state district judge in Yellowstone County, Montana. He was appointed by former Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), who now runs a Democrat dark-money group at the national level. Ironic then, isn't it, that this same judge just issued a ruling that benefits several Democrat dark-money front groups?

Do you remember the story we've been reporting on about the young lady with Down Syndrome at Billings West High School? The liberal school board in Billings' School District 2 has been blocking her from attending her senior year of high school and graduating with her friends.

When dozens of community members showed up to criticize the school board for their actions, only one person showed up to defend the school board: Karen Moses. Yes, she is the wife of Judge Moses who just issued this partisan decision interfering with our elections at the last minute.

My point is this: these two are huge partisan Democrat activists who have together donated to close to a dozen Democrat campaigns.  And here is this judge abusing his position of power to interfere in our elections and benefit the very Left-wing special interests that put him on the bench in the first place.


Here's the full ruling: attachment-Judge Moses Ruling on Elections

State Senate President Mark Blasdel gave this reaction to the judge's ruling:

Senate Pres. Mark Blasdel: To block multiple well-crafted election integrity laws barely a month before ballots go out is judicial activism at its worst. It's no surprise that a liberal judge appointed by Democratic governors ruled in favor of his political allies instead of Montanans who support voter ID and secure elections.

State Senator Brad Molnar also pointed out how Judge Moses' ruling goes directly against the Montana Constitution. Click below for the audio:


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