That's right, you heard that correctly. After the Amusement Park Drive-In posted a status on their Facebook page last year saying that they would be closed for the foreseeable future, they once again opened their gates for watching new movies under the stars at the beginning of April. And, they look to be going full steam ahead.

A Future Uncertain Due to COVID-19

At the height of the pandemic, nobody could go out with friends to watch a movie at a theater. Because of that, many movie studios decided to release their films on streaming services rather than at theaters to still allow people who wanted to see the movies to watch them at launch. This kills a small theater like the Amusement Park Drive-In, however, because they don't make a ton of money off their ticket sales.

After this post was made in July of last year, many thought that the Drive-In was done for good; the only drive-in movie theater in the Billings area was extremely popular, and many were saddened by the closure. However, the entire time, the staff was not selling the property and was working hard to try and re-open in 2022.

Come On In for New Movies From Your Car

Despite all of these hardships, the Amusement Park Drive-In has once again opened for the 2022 season, however with only one screen. They're doing showings of new movies on Fridays and Saturdays at sundown. They've also announced, "Free Wednesdays" starting in the middle of this month.

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Opening weekend for the season started April 1st and 2nd with a showing of Uncharted starring Tom Holland. The Amusement Park Drive-In Facebook page highlights new movies and when they're airing. You can find their ticket prices on their page as well. Have fun this summer watching some awesome movies under the stars.

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