We've been working tirelessly behind the scenes for months on this little project, and finally, we are able to share it with YOU, our loyal KBUL listeners! NewsTalk 95.5 has cranked it past 100! We're now "KBUL NewsTalk 103.3 FM & 970 AM". Let's talk about it.

KBUL NEWS TALK 970 AM & 103.3 FM logo
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A Little Off The Top

For a few years now, KBUL has been simulcasting on 95.5 FM and 970 AM (and secretly on 103.3 FM, and 95.1 FM). However, on the public side of things, you came to know us at NewsTalk 95.5... and got familiar with the logo below.

attachment-KBUL New Talk Radio Logo Final Pre-2022

Well, after some deliberation, we decided to simplify our website, logo, and soon the stations you can hear our signal on! For right now, technically speaking, nothing has changed for the frequencies. KBUL is still on 95.5, we just are decommissioning it soon. So, update your FM Favorites.

KBUL News Talk Logo 2022
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Onward and Upward

For 2022, and the future, we realized the logo and website were quite... busy. We want to focus on CONTENT and what is ON the site, rather than a pretty background and fancy logo. So... that is what we did.

Clean and Simple

Look around, you will see the website is a white background now. Bright, inviting, and content FIRST. The logo has been modernized with Bold and Slim lettering, drawing your eyes to KBUL and the frequencies, rather than "News Talk" (we all know what KBUL is, so that was less important this time around). Plus, with Montana Talks and KBUL sharing a logo, we felt it was time to separate the two since Montana Talks really is a STATEWIDE show (that happens to be hosted from NT Studio Two here in Billings)

What else is changing!?!?!

Never fear! Beyond a simple facelift, and a new domain (If you went to https://newstalk955.com you were automatically brought to our new URL, https://RealNewsMontana.com) nothing else has changed. Over the coming weeks, you'll hear the on-air announcements change from using 95.5 to 103.3 FM, with some new voices (including mine, get excited!) and we're planning a few small, but welcome, additions. NT 95.5 is still here. Just... freshened up a bit. Let us know your thoughts via the app!

Elle King at Montana Fair in Billings!

Friday, August 12th Elle King kicked off the Montana Fair 2022 Concert Series at First Interstate Arena in Billings, Montana! A great start to this year's fair!

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