Couple times now on Montana Talks, I have heard praises for the sushi prepared at Albertsons.  Here's Aaron Flint and David Knobel briefly talking about it.

I have had sushi a couple times in my life, so the time has come to try some more.

Albertsons has many varieties to choose, to suit the customers' preferences.  If the label says "Spicy," that's a fair warning; Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware.  The Hawaiian Roll with Tuna sounded about my speed, so this was my lunch today.  Here is my review.

Sushi Isn't Cheap

Ten slices for $11.49, or $1.15 per slice.  Okay with that?  Be very aware of what you are paying for this indulgence.

The Hawaiian has rice of course, with a slice of tuna, avocado, unknown veggies and spices, and roe a.k.a. fish eggs.  Seaweed wrapped around the fillings in the middle.  A dollop of wasabi and some spicy leaf vegetable accompany on the side.

Before eating, I tried a tiny bit of wasabi by itself.  Wow, that Japanese horseradish has a strong taste.  Cleared my sinuses.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

This sushi is a culinary delicacy, an explosion of different tastes.  The first bite will surprise the palate; by the end of the second slice the diner should grow accustomed.  The Hawaiian is very flavorful, so sauces or wasabi are really not needed.  The spices already applied can fire up the tongue, so have a drink handy.

I agree with Aaron and David, it's quite good.  Definitely not a wolf-it-down dish. Each slice will get you 3-4 bites.  Sit back and savor every bite.  Suddenly the $1.15 per slice is worth it.

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