I have only lived in Montana one month, so I haven't seen a ghost here...yet! 

Now that it’s officially spooky season Billings, it’s time to tell part II of my ghost story that happened to me in Denver, Colorado back in the 90's. 

Last week I told you about my encounter with a ghostly woman when I was a kid. If you missed Part I, click here so you aren’t lost with this second half. 


Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

After my brother and I both saw this elderly woman in a nightgown in broad daylight, not days go by when I see another ghostly figure walking up to our front door. This time it was just me.

The ghost person wasn't a woman like a few days before.

He was an older man wearing a fedora from the 1920’s with suspenders and shiny dress shoes. He had ghostly grey hair under his black hat and he just stood outside our window, looking at the ground.  

This man was so real looking, I truly thought he was an elderly man who was lost. We had steep stairs leading up to our porch, so I knew something was off because this man walked extremely slow and hunched over.

 When I walked to my front door to greet him, he was gone... just like that. It happened again in the same week.

A ghost person who looks like they lived in a different decade disappears in front of my eyes on my porch at my childhood home.  

Naturally I was kind of scared, but more so confused. The ghost people weren’t really a threat to me because both characters looked very old. And honestly, they both looked confused too. 

 A few months passed by and it was Christmas time.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I started to pull out the Christmas decorations from our creepy crawl space under our basement stairs. There lay a small box that spilled over, and huge piles of dust on all the decorations.

Confused, I asked my mom, “What is all over the ornaments? It’s everywhere??” 

My mom looks at me and realizes it’s not just ordinary dust... her face looked shocked.  And she gave a chuckle. 

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

“Oh, that’s your great grandmother and great grandfather’s ashes from cremation. The kitties thought it was litter...”  

WHAT?! Ashes, from cremation??

My cats let the ghosts out of the bag. YIKES! 

I described the ghostly people I'd seen to my grandmother and she confirmed the two ghosts were her parents. 

"Oh yeah, dad always wore his fedora."

The sad part of this story is that my grandmother didn't have one single photo of them. But I think they missed my grandma because she could feel her hair being played with and feet tickled at night after I mentioned the details to her. 

Kinda creepy, kinda endearing.  

Either way- I saw two ghosts, I'm not the one who tickled my grandmother's feet, and I still don't know why I'm the only one that saw both ghosts.

Maybe the ghosts were upset their ashes were in our dark dingy crawl space, or they just accidentally spilled over and now the ghosts are out of the bag, literally. 

I believe in ghosts, that's why I share my stories with you. I truly think they're lonely. And I'm going to keep telling my ghost stories for as long as I live.

Don’t miss another creepy ghost story by yours truly next Monday!  

Stay Spooky Montana!


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