The Fusion Fights at the Brick Breedan Fieldhouse featured eleven bouts in kickboxing and mixed martial arts.  Some fights were decided by KO, TKO or submission holds in the first round; others went the distance like the final Main Event.

Much obliged to the Americans for Prosperity Montana for sponsoring the event and providing a seat at the table for this writer and producer.

A beautiful aspect of Prosperity as a principle is the freedom and ability to give.  The audience in Bozeman demonstrated this at the Fight for a Cause to benefit a fighter's wife.

Ashley survived a horrendous highway accident involving a semi.  For years after, she endured a surgery every 4-5 months, and has so much metal in her body, she would light up any security screenings.  Reminded me of the Bionic Woman in the 70s or Wolverine today.

A downside to all the surgery and metal is that Ashley cannot carry a pregnancy.  She has the eggs, but her rebuilt hips won't facilitate delivery.

Surrogacy is the couple's only option to have a natural child of their own.  The total procedure is terribly expensive, well over $150,000.

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Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

At the Fight for a Cause portion of the halftime intermission, when Ashley's story and her own words were broadcast live to the audience, people drew out cash and credit cards at once.  Fusion started the ball rolling with $500, and other table sponsors added hundreds.  The intermission had to be extended for the line of folks waiting on the nice volunteer at the credit card machine.

After the match with Ashley's husband Christian Wallace, who guillotine choked his opponent in the first round, the couple was presented with a stack of cash three inches thick and a total over $15,000 raised.

Looking at that night, I learned that Prosperity is Freedom: the freedom to work, the freedom to profit from the labor, the freedom to care, and the freedom to give towards that care.  And it is a wonderful facet on Montana and America.

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