"I had an orgasm in Bozeman, Montana." That's the words on the front of the box of the sex toys that Bozeman Democrats are apparently handing out while door-to-door campaigning for Democrat legislative candidates.

According to former State Rep. Kerry White (R-Bozeman), local Democrats in Bozeman were also handing out sex toys at a Montana Democrats booth to college kids on the Montana State University campus.

How would you feel if your daughter was the one who answered the door? How would you feel if your grandma had one of these show up at her door? How do you feel about college kids being targeted?

Put the sex toy aside for a moment and look at it this way- does this amount to an illegal campaign contribution? Kerry White says a complaint was filed with the Commissioner of Political Practices in Montana making that very argument.

Kerry White: When I found out about this, a couple of candidates- Senate candidate Pat Flowers and the Representative candidate for House District 64 Alana Griffith- this Billy McWilliams was out in the district campaigning for them and handing out these sex toys to the citizens. And he was campaigning and I thought, you know, this is, well, it's not appropriate, but it's also- he's a business owner, a corporation. I thought this would be classified as a contribution from a corporation to a candidate, which is not legal. So I did file a complaint with the Commissioner of Political Practices. I received a letter last week that said that the Commissioner of Political Practice did not consider these sex toys as campaign material.

By the way, who is Billy McWilliams? He is the former head of the Gallatin County Democrats who owns a sex shop in Bozeman. He's yet another prominent Democrat that is backing the liberal Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson.

Check out more background on Billy McWilliams by clicking here. He also made national news back in 2019. This, after the Washington Examiner reported that he "sexually harassed a conservative female campaign tracker, offering her a free vibrator from his sex shop and blowing her a kiss."

Here's the full audio of our conversation with Kerry White:


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