After two successful deployments, the USS Billings is back home safe and sound in Mayport, Florida.

The USS Billings was conducting it's first east coast littoral combat ship overseas exchange of command, and has operated forward-deployed since December 2021.

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During the deployment, Billing along with the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment, assisted in stopping the flow of an estimated 3,065 kilograms of cocaine, along with 1,841 pounds of marijuana. In total, the estimated street value of those drugs was $217.7 million, and twelve suspected drug traffickers were removed from the narcotics trade.

Commander Brett Seely, the Billings' commanding officer, had this to share:

"I am once again incredibly proud of the Sailors on Billings for everything they accomplished this deployment. They professionally sailed the mighty Billings from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean and crossed the equator for the first time in the ship’s history. The crew built upon the successes of her maiden deployment a year ago and succeeded at working with our partner nations strengthening our interoperability and taking narcotics off the streets. We look forward to watching our sister crew continue the sustained operations downrange as the mighty Billings leads the way for the littoral combat ship community.

The USS Billings also conducted maritime exercises with Jamaica and participated in the French led multi-national maritime humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise "CARABIES 2022", strengthening partnerships and building interoperability among the forces.

The Billings' Blue Crew has relieved the Gold Crew, and the Billings will redeploy to the U.S. 4th Fleet area of operations.

National Guard Homecoming - Billings International Airport - August 3rd 2022

Today, at the Billings International Airport, the National Guard returned from their one-year deployment. They received a water cannon salute from the airport.

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