KTVQ.com reports that when Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly died in 1928, the Billings Chamber of Commerce, the city, and the state said they would build a grave site befitting a veteran.  The site officially opened on Wednesday afternoon at Swords Park, and “The Ballad of Yellowstone Kelly” was performed for the very first time.  A ribbon-cutting celebrated the grand opening of the Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site. Kelly died in Paradise, California at the age of 89 and his body was brought to Billings to be buried.

John Brewer, president and CEO of the Billings Chamber of Commerce, said [quote] “When you die in Paradise, where do you want to go?… You want to come to Billings, Montana.” [end quote]  Kelly was born in upstate New York on July 27, 1849 and was buried at Swords Park on June 26, 1929.

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