On the day of the big governor's race in the state of Virginia, we chatted with the Governor of Montana- Greg Gianforte (R-MT).

Why is the race even this close in Virginia, where the former Democrat governor should have been able to walk away with the race? Will school boards across the country get the message that mask mandates, transgender bathrooms, and shutting down schools are not the answer?

We talked about all that and more with Governor Gianforte.

Gov. Gianforte: The family is the foundation of our society, and parents should have a say in how their kids are educated. And for Terry McAuliffe to say what he did, the parents should not be involved or allowed to be involved in schools is outrageous. Glenn Youngkin. Business guy. I watched just a little clip of him on TV last night finishing up. It was 1030 East Coast time. He's on stage- 3500 people, he's losing his voice, but he had not lost any of his passion. He loves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the people there, and he's ready to go to work. It'll be exciting to see. I think this is going to send- given the polling it looks like Glenn Youngkin is in pretty good shape. But it'll send shockwaves across this country. And it's just a repudiation of the socialist agenda coming out of Washington, if this flips this way, and I'm anxious to see the results.


What about the economy back home here in Montan?

Gov. Gianforte: Since I've taken office, the number of people on unemployment in the state of Montana is down over 90%. We had 35,000 people on unemployment when I took office- we're under 3000 people now.

Full audio with the governor:

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