Whoops. The editor of the anti-Trump Billings Gazette newspaper said his job as a journalist "is to question those in power." This, as he tweeted out a fake quote from President Donald Trump.

Before realizing that the quote wasn't real, he then asked President Trump on Twitter, "How can you say you will do as you please and Congress has no control over you. The Constitution guarantees both of those things are untrue."

Credit screenshot from Twitter
Credit screenshot from Twitter


The original tweet shared by Gazette editor Darrell Ehrlick has since been deleted. Twitter user "@BearTycoon" was quick to note the error and linked to a Snopes article that contained the fake quote.

Ehrlick later followed up by saying, "My bad. It's been debunked."  (Debunked? Sorta like the "Russia Collusion" hoax and the rest of the nonsense Adam Schiff has been pushing for 3 years?)


By the way, Ehrlick has spoken on the topic of "fake news" at several forums across the state, including one at the Billings Public Library. We also enjoyed having him join us on the radio discussing the topic of "fake news" a couple years ago.  

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