An ambitious project has started in Rosebud, Montana.

Tim and Nadine Durham acquired a home and property near the Yellowstone River with a mission well underway to renovate it all into a retreat and recovery center for Veterans in crisis.  Tim is a Marine specialized in logistics, who found his own recovery and calling after time spent repairing a pickup.

Currently the Black Hearts Lodge has capacity for 12 Veterans and guests but upon completion will be able to house 50.  The facility will be self-sustained as much as possible, already with chickens and tilled ground for a garden.  The river is readily accessible for a canoe and for fishing, with an easy wade to an island in summertime.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

The Durhams have recently brought a Vet from a hospital to Montana and to this retreat.  The very next morning, this gentleman asked what work needs done and applied his hands and his mind to the garden and more.  Like Tim, he found purpose and a reason to get up and get working.

This home in Rosebud is right out of a Mark Twain novel, providing a great place to decompress and heal.  The peace allows one to stop and listen to the little things.  The most noise is from birds with an occasional car on the state road.  The greatest hazard here is maybe a skunk or a rattler.

While focused on Veteran rehabilitation, lodging is available for travelers, outdoor recreationists and other guests.  Revenue generated from the stays will be directed back into the overall mission.

Tim and Nadine will remodel the surrounding buildings into living spaces to accommodate more Veterans.  They will network with other organizations in the state and businesses in the county to provide the specific care needed for each Vet.  The little cafe just up the street may see an uptick in traffic soon.

About Rosebud, Montana and their vision, Tim said, "Love it here and want to share with the community."

You can learn more about the home and the services at

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