I'm gonna put you on trial. But here's the deal: I get to be the judge. I get to pick the jury. I get to decide what evidence is allowed, and what evidence is not allowed. You don't get a defense team. Oh yeah, and no cross examination. Sound fair?

Of course it doesn't sound fair. That's why this whole January 6th Committee in Congress has been called a Soviet-style "show trial," a sham. Even the liberal former Democrat Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, threw cold water on the January 6th show trial on CNN earlier this month.

Did you hear about the latest "prime-time" hearing from the January 6th Committee? Prime time? More like a daytime soap opera if you ask me- but even that would get more interest than the one-sided January 6th show trial.

Former President Donald Trump will get a chance to respond on Monday as he joins Dan Bongino. Westwood One sent out a note to Dan Bongino affiliates on Friday that reads:

Former President Donald Trump will be Dan’s special guest on the Dan Bongino Show on Monday, July 25.  This appearance will be most timely in the aftermath of the January 6 Committee hearings and the speculation that he will announce another run for the Presidency in 2024.  President Trump is expected to appear in the third hour of the show.

How can Montanans listen LIVE to President Trump? You can listen on the radio. Several of the Montana Talks radio affiliates carry Dan Bongino's show- KJJR in Kalispell, KMMS in Bozeman, KBUL in Billings, and more. You can also listen LIVE on our Montana Talks app by downloading the app on your smartphone. All of the stations mentioned above also carry Bongino.

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