For those who know conservative commentator Tomi Lahren from Fox News and The Blaze back in the day, she actually grew up in South Dakota.

Thanks to our friends at Fox News Radio, we caught up with Tomi Tuesday morning, getting her reaction to the FBI raid on Donald Trump's estate in Mar a Lago. We also talked some Montana and Dakota issues as well.

The Biden Administration's FBI Raid on Donald Trump:

Tomi Lahren: If the federal government, if the Left, if the Democrats, even the Republicans In Name Only that are quietly cheering this- if they're able to do this to a former president, a former sitting president, what could they do to the rest of us? This is the weaponization of the federal government against its people. It's wrong. It's not something you should see in the United States of America, and we've got to make sure that whoever is responsible is held accountable, and that this never happens again. It also goes to show how terrified they are of Trump and his supporters.

Federal Government Corruption- From Mar-a-Lago to the BLM:

Tomi Lahren: That's why we need to make sure that we're electing America First, Montana First, Tennessee First representatives that are willing to actually stand their ground and fight for what's right, and fight back against all of this. Especially the woke virtue signaling, the climate change zealots- all of it doesn't have a place, we need to restore our values. And unfortunately we're heading in the wrong direction, but fortunately November's coming up and we have a chance to change a lot of things.

We also joked about Kevin Costner and Liz Cheney. Here's the full audio:



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