We haven't seen nor heard much from the Democrat candidate for the Western Congressional District here in Montana, but if this is her first look - Monica Tranel looks unhinged.

You can even see the moderator Sally Mauk nervously approach the candidates as Tranel angrily tries to grab the microphone from former Montana Congressman and Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT).

It all started when Zinke asked her a simple question:

Zinke: Are you legal counsel for Montana 350?

Tranel then angrily grabs the microphone and asks, "Do you want to have a debate?" That was before she defended her role with a radical environmental group known as 350 Montana.

Zinke, a retired Navy SEAL, then asks Tranel, a lawyer, if she knows what the 2nd Amendment says. Instead of answering, she asks Zinke if he does. "Yes. Shall not be infringed," Zinke promptly replied. See the full report below.

By the way, this whole back and forth got me wondering- just who is this "350 Montana" outfit anyway? Turns out they're a radical environmental group that sued to block the expansion of the coal mine near Colstrip. They've also pledged to completely end fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. (How's that working out for Europe? How's that working out for our food, gas, and energy prices?)

In addition, Tranel is supporting the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which will actually drive up taxes and inflation, while spending billions on Green New Deal style programs. All this, in addition to adding 87,000 more IRS agents out on to the streets to target working class Americans.


Here's the full report from KPAX-TV:

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