Now we know their agenda. Now we know that the school board needs to be replaced. The schools in Billings have been unmasked literally and figuratively. But it's not just the Billings schools...the agenda of the education establishment in Helena has also been unmasked.

I know. I should have been more excited that School District 2 in Billings announced last week that they would finally be removing the mask mandate in Billings schools. I should have immediately posted a breaking news story on our website. But let's be honest- this decision came far too late. Enough harm has already been done to our kids. And, we've been lied to before. So forgive me if I didn't start doing backflips and cartwheels in the radio studios.

The overwhelming reaction I have seen from parents and teachers after the news came out seems to be summed up by saying: We will not forget.

Parents and teachers are still outraged at being ignored by the school district and the school board, while decisions were made that harmed kids and made life harder for teachers. Thankfully several parents are now stepping up to run for the Billings School Board.

Here's the full reaction to the news that Billings Schools would finally be removing the mask mandates. Brooke Hudson with "Making Masks Optional" also says their lawsuit will continue:

Making Masks Optional Statement regarding Superintendent Upham's letter to move to optional masking effective Friday 02/11/2021 end of day.

1)The Litigation is not affected by this move as policy 1905 still gives the superintendent the ability to mask or unmask at his discretion. We are suing the district to change and remove district policy 1905.

2)January had over 1,000 cases in Billings Public Schools, don't believe the lie that masks prevented the spread and kept us in school.

3)The student enrollment counts which determine funding for Billings Public schools was completed prior to this announcement.

4)Teachers union instructed their members that they can ask your child to mask if the teacher feels vulnerable. Your child is not obligated to comply with this request. Be aware that this might occur.

5)Happy at the prospect that our kids get to see peers and their teacher's faces.

6)Upham and the board owe students who experienced adverse effects of masking an apology for what they did to these children.

7)The preliminary injunction hearing continues on Friday February 18th at 1pm

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