He isn't the commander in chief. He's the "trafficker in chief." That's how Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), the youngest Republican in Congress, described Joe Biden following his disastrous first year as president.

Congresswoman Cammack was the headliner for the Montana Republican Party's winter kickoff in the capital city of Helena Friday night. She joined us earlier on the statewide radio show- "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint."

I asked her about all the news focusing on Ukraine's border, yet where is the attention on our own borders here in America?

Rep. Cammack: I've witnessed the human trafficking  coming across- these little kids getting raped and assaulted, the Border Patrol agents who have their hands tied behind their backs. And it's really just a giant, expensive welcoming party. And that's why I don't even call Biden Commander in Chief, I call him the trafficker in chief because he has created a system where if you are a member of the cartel, if you're a trafficker, if you're a drug dealer- it's a great day in America for you because you got somebody in the White House who's got your back. But if you are a law abiding citizen who's just trying to make a living- you get the short end of the stick, because we're paying for these flights, these bus tickets- we're paying for the health care of all of these illegals, and under the Trump administration it never EVER would have been tolerated.

Check out the full audio on our podcast:

She also talked about her run-ins with Nancy Pelosi and AOC, and being a young woman in Congress:

Rep. Cammack: If you are a Republican conservative woman, you are public enemy number one in the Left's eyes, because you are a traitor to your gender, even though they're very confused about what gender is. I have seen more vitriol and hatred from the left because I am a conservative young woman.


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