Bottom Line Up Front: The Patagonia clothing company has basically turned in a radical Left wing virtue-signaling corporation. They're using their big money to fund radical Left-wing causes. They sent out a tweet urging their followers to support a group called 350 Montana, and immediately started getting DRAGGED by their followers on Twitter.

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Roy shared the Patagonia news in the tweet below:


Here were some of the reactions:

I will never buy your clothing again.


No petroleum products in your clothing?


Keep up the good work guys I’m finding more and more of your stuff in the thrift shops.


I'm ashamed of what you've become. I used to pick apples at Grear Pacific Iron Works, I've owned dozens of garments I've purchased there, and now you're a Globalist. What happened to the dude making carabiners out of his trunk?


What is 350 Montana? 350 Montana is the radical Left-wing group which sued coal miners in Colstrip, and called for "divesting" police departments of funding. It is the same group that the Democrat Congressional candidate Monica Tranel (D-MT) is a part of - serving as their general counsel.
Former Montana Congressman and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT) has been hammering Tranel for her ties to the group. He did so once again in the Mining City of Butte, America:
Good morning, Butte, America! ⚒️
Monica Tranel sued to put Colstrip workers and miners out of work, she’ll do the same to you. She’s a radical environmental lawyer who is hellbent on destroying your livelihood.


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