The Montana legislature is out of session, but legislators will still be casting votes at least till the end of June. Representative Nancy Balance says about ten of the bills vetoed by Governor Steve Bullock had enough votes behind them to trigger an automatic vote on whether or not to override the veto.

"Each vote has a different deadline depending on when the veto was," Ballance said. "There were a couple that already went in, well, I sent my votes in anyway, so they are probably due this week, but the last one to come in is due on the 30th of June."

Though these bills got a large number of votes during the session, Balance has little to no hope that any of the vetoed bills will survive the Governor’s veto.

"They require a super majority vote, which means that democrats would have to vote along with republicans. I have not yet seen in any of the votes we took during the session or on any of the previous votes on veto overrides that democrats are willing to go against their governor."

To illustrate her point that democrats will not go against the governor, Balance said a bill from her first term in the house passed the chamber with only two votes against It, but yet still couldn’t get a super majority of votes behind it after it had been vetoed.

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