I listened to the audio of my conversation with Joe Kent from last summer, and I thought- man, I gotta share this with our listeners, especially our fellow veterans here in Montana.

For those who may have heard the news, Joe Kent is the Trump endorsed candidate in Washington state who won an upset victory against a Never Trumper who voted to impeach Trump. Joe Kent is now THE Republican Congressional candidate in Washington. More importantly, he's an Army Ranger and Green Beret whose wife gave her life in service to this country while she also served in the military.

I first interviewed him over a year ago, and went back and listened to what he had to say again. You're going to want to give it a listen:

One of the things that stood out to me took me back to a caller in our statewide radio show earlier this week. We got a call from Jay in Glasgow, Montana who basically said that both parties are to blame for our nation's ills, and how both parties basically pander to the corporate elites.

Check out what Joe Kent had to say last June about holding the establishment in both parties accountable:

Joe Kent in June of 2021 on Montana Talks:

The biggest challenge I think we have right now is that we are really being governed and lorded over by a corporate elite class, a political elite class, I kind of call them the permanent ruling class. They've existed on both the Left and both the Right. But really, their overall goal has just been to keep a certain class of elites in complete and total charge of regular average Americans- they have a corporate sponsorship, because the corporation's benefit massively from this.This bleeds over into our quest to keep these endless wars going on, that don't really benefit the American people.

Check out the full audio above. Also, here is his victory speech from earlier this week. The turnout in his election exceeded the 2020 presidential election in his district.





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