Move over Elizabeth Warren. A Montana man (who also happens to be a real Native American) took a DNA test recently, and got back some pretty remarkable results.

"It was, they told him, like finding Bigfoot, it was so unlikely." That's a line from a very interesting report by The Great Fall's Tribune's Kristen Inbody. According to Inbody's report, Blackfeet tribal member Darrell "Dusty" Crawford's DNA test results contain the oldest American DNA ever tested.

Crawford had his DNA tested through CRI Genetics, which aims to provide customers with a "biogeographical ancestry," a description of where their genes fit into the overall story of the species.

He's part of MtDNA Haplogroup B2, which has a low frequency in Alaska and Canada and originated in Arizona about 17,000 years ago.

Click here to read Inbody's full piece.

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