I caught up with Larry Keane, Vice President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation during the SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week. I talked to him about the cool new gear, the cool new guns, and wanted to find out what else stood out at this year's show.

He talked about the huge sales in the firearms industry over the past couple of years in particular.

Larry Keane: Just incredible- the last few years- in terms of sales and firearms. Record setting numbers and the demand for ammunition off the charts. I've talked with the major manufacturers, and you know they had better 21 than 20. It's kind of reverse for the gun guys. The gun guys said 20 was the biggest year, last year was terrific it was the number two year but a little less than 20. Everyone is expecting a really strong 2022.

He says the mid-term elections may also drive additional gun sales, as some politicians will be tempted to talk once again about gun control. Hunting numbers are also way up. Additionally, more minorities are purchasing guns, especially in the cities that allowed the BLM riots and saw defund the police movements.

Larry Keane: We're really encouraged by the demographics of people buying firearms- see huge increases in African American, women, Asian American, Hispanics, Latinos- so really encouraged by these new customers and the changing demographics. So that's really exciting as we grow the community.

We also talked about ammo shortages, and the latest from Remington. Here's the full audio of our chat:




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