On Monday, the Boys Scouts of America made history by lifting the ban on gay adults as Scout leaders. Boy Scouts Scout Executive Gordon Rubard for the Montana Council explained his reaction from a local stand point about the policy change.

"I would tell you that the reaction right now is that if you've studied this process, this is not just something that happened this week. The actual proposal got devoiced, at least the introduction of it was voiced inveigh by the National President of the Boy Scouts Dr. Robert Gates," Rubard said. "Most of our leaders have been aware of the issue. They've had some time to process it."

Rubard said although the vote was not unexpected, many leaders are ready to move ahead.

"I would say in the weeks ahead, it will be just a matter of just helping both our scout units and their chartered organizations to understand the policy. If there are questions, we will do our best to help them with it," Rubard said. "At this point, we're all systems go for the scouting program here in Montana."

Rubard said despite the policy change, the ways to go about selecting leaders remains the same. To hear the interview in its entirety, click the video above.

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