Within minutes of the Billings Morning News reporting that a Billings Boy Scout Troop had been robbed, individuals and businesses opened their wallets for an impromptu fundraising effort for Boy Scout Troop 10.

The outpouring of support helped raise at least $1,200 to help replenish some of the troop's stolen camping gear.

Boy Scout Troop 10 was preparing for their annual camping trip this week.  This summer they were all set to go to a Minnesota summer camp.  As the group made their way to the storage unit that housed all of their camping gear, they realized that it had been broken into.  The exact time of the theft is unclear. As recently as two weeks ago, the storage unit was secure, according to reports.

About $1,500 worth of items are missing, according to Troop Leader Tom Watson. Missing are nine tents, lanterns and other assorted camping gear.  Most of the items for Troop 10 were purchased through popcorn sales.

The Billings Police Department has been notified and continues to investigate the incident.  Watson said the trip will still happen thanks to other troops who are going to loan Troop 10 some camping equipment.

If you would like to donate, make payments to:  BSA Troop 10, C/O American Lutheran Church, Committee Chairman Troop 10, 5 Lewis Avenue, Billings, MT.  59101.

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