The Trump tax cut plan is drawing both opposition and support in Montana. Just yesterday, Missoula Rises held a press conference assailing the plan as a ‘tax scam’.

On Tuesday, a Montana legislator offered support for the program, saying it will benefit the vast majority of Montana taxpayers.

House District 12 Representative Greg Hertz from Polson is also on the House Taxation Committee.

“I’m really frustrated about all the misinformation regarding this federal tax proposal,” said Hertz. “Every tax proposal that I’ve read shows a significant reduction for Montana taxpayers. The most recent one comes from the Montana Department of Revenue that is actually showing a reduction of $747 million for taxpayers in Montana, and that would basically touch every taxpayer in the state.”

Hertz said groups opposing the tax plan are actually hoping it will fail for their own political purposes.

“The individuals who are pushing this are definitely afraid that taxes will be reduced,” he said. “That will lead to less revenue to continue to support their bloated federal government.”

Hertz recommends those interested should visit Parker Tax Publishing .

“They’ve got some perfect illustrations,” he said. “For example, if you make $75,000 a year and you’re married with two kids, it will quote you exactly how the plan will impact you. Remember, there are still two different proposals out there, the House and the Senate and they need to get those reconciled to make sure that people are all treated fairly.”

Hertz also recommends listeners to contact Montana’s Congressional delegation and make their views known to either support of oppose the bill.


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