The sale of recreational adult-use cannabis was legalized in Montana on January 1, 2022. Many dispensaries throughout the state offered special sales and discounts to attract customers.

According to the Montana Department of Revenue Cannabis Control Division, the combined total of medical and recreational sales in January was $22,634,899.79. As a result of the sales, the state of Montana collected $2,961,639.12 in tax revenue.

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Here's a breakdown from the Montana Department of Revenue.

  • Total Medical Sales in January - $9,783,380.34
  • Total Adult-Use Cannabis Sales in January - $12,851,519.45
  • Estimated Tax Revenue for Medical Sales in January -  $391,335.24
  • Estimated Tax Revenue for Adult Use Sales in January - $2,570,303.88
  • Total Combined Sales - $22,634,899.79
  • Total Combined Estimated Tax Revenue - $2,961,639.12

All cannabis sales in Montana are cash only and a photo ID is required at all dispensaries throughout the state. If you plan on purchasing adult-use recreation marijuana, expect to pay a 20% tax. There's is a 4% tax on medical sales of cannabis products in Montana.

The sale of recreational adult-use cannabis is legal in most of Montana, but voters in some counties rejected the measure. Many experts predicted that Montana wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand and that some businesses might run out of product shortly after it was legalized at the beginning of January.

Many Bozeman dispensaries weren't as busy as they initially expected to be during the first month of legal sales, according to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

It's only the first month of sales, so there's no telling what the future holds for recreational cannabis in Montana. Tourist season will definitely increase the demand at most dispensaries and businesses in the Bozeman area.

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